garden designer / gardener Brussels

With the help of a Garden Designer and a Gardener Brussels enhance and transform your urban outdoor area by creating a personalised new living space, boosting the architectural value of your house and bringing nature right to your own doorstep.

Flowers in pots - Garden Designer Gardener Brussels
Terrace 30m2 in Brussels - High Line from NYC style

Whether a balcony, a terrace, a courtyard, or a city garden, as Garden Designer and Gardener Brussels I will manage every single stage of transforming your outside space into an area of your dreams.



My services cover the full range from design (landscape design, coaching), development (for balconies and small spaces or oversight the project) all the way to maintenance (regular or renewal your garden). Thanks to my double expertise as Garden Designer and Gardener Brussels.



I advise and accompany individuals or companies in making their dreams for their outdoor space a reality. To achieve it, I need to work all the way long together with you, in full consultation.

"Beautiful ideas, beautiful design. Good project superviser."


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